How to Enroll - Special Education

If you suspect your child may be in need of special education services;

Enrollment in a special education preschool must occur through the local school district’s Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE).

1) Contact the CPSE in your neighborhood to request an evaluation packet or contact CSC, and we can refer the child on your behalf. In addition, many children transferring from an Early Intervention (EI) Program are referred to the CPSE by the EI caseworker. The packet will be mailed to the child’s home.

2) Schedule an evaluation with a New York State Education Department Approved Preschool Evaluation Site. A list of approved sites is provided in the packet. CSC is an approved evaluation site acting on behalf of CPSE. Call the school directly to schedule an appointment. Let the school know if your child has been referred by the CPSE, and if you have already received the packet. The evaluation site is acting on behalf of the CPSE. Your child is not being evaluated for acceptance at this particular site. He or she is evaluated to determine eligibility for special education services. School placement and service delivery is determined by the CPSE.

garden3) Bring your child for the evaluation. The evaluation entails a comprehensive battery of tests including the following:

a. Psychological
b. Speech and Language
c. Educational
d. Social History
e. Occupational Therapy
(if needed)
f. Physical Therapy (if needed)

4) You will be required to have your pediatrician complete a medical form.

5) A meeting will be held by the CPSE to review results of the evaluation at which time it will be determined if your child qualifies for special education services. If the child qualifies, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be generated outlining a summary of recommended services i.e.; speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling, etc.

6) The CPSE will review potential preschool or therapy sites. If CSC is discussed as a potential match to your child’s needs, you can call for an appointment to visit our program.

a. For Staten Island school contact Charles DeStefano, Ph.D. at
(718) 442-8588

b. For Brooklyn school call (718) 854-3710

Additional information:

CPSE Districts:
Staten Island (District 31) Committee on Preschool Special Education
Tel: 718- 420-5700

Brooklyn has several districts. Please contact your district CPSE as listed below:

gardenDistrict 13: 718-935-4900
District 14: 718-935-3947
District 15: 718-935-3948
District 16: 718-935-3915
District 17: 718-968-6273
District 18: 718-968-6257
District 19: 718-240-3558
District 20: 718-759-4848
District 21: 718-759-4831
District 22: 718-968-6100
District 23: 718-348-2919
District 32: 718-391-8522


How to Enroll - Daycare/Nursery & UPK

Enroll Your Child for Daycare Now
Please click here to print and complete the enrollment form for the school location of your choice, and bring/mail to the school. School business hours are 8:30am-3:00pm Monday- Friday. The school administration will contact you to discuss the rates and other information.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten/UPK
Please contact the UPK administrator at the school you wish to enroll at directly. Our administrator will help you fill out the application. You will then receive the UPK packet in the mail. Please call our administrator and make an appointment to complete the application process.

UPK registrations are granted on a first come first serve basis as space is limited.