Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What type of special needs do you serve?
Answer: Please refer to the General Info page.

Question: What are the hours my child will be in school?
Answer: The classroom hours are from 9-11:30, 12- 2:30 Monday- Friday for half day programs, and 9-2:30 Monday- Friday for the full day session.
Staten Island Day Care offers the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. for families in need of before and after care.

Question: How many children will be in my child’s class?
Answer: The class size can range from twelve to eighteen children based on the program and your child’s needs. We also offer 1:1 and 2:1 group therapy sessions for special needs children.

Question: What are the ages of the children?
bird2Answer: The children can range from 2.6 to 5.0 years.

Question: What is a typical day in school for my child?
Answer: The school day is divided into many different activities throughout the day; circle time, fine and gross motor activities as well as cognitive, science, socialization and supervised free play activities. Please refer to our Programs page for more information.

Question: What is the cost of Daycare?
Answer: There are several different ways of calculating rates; hourly, weekly, monthly based on your child’s attendance needs. Please ask the school administrative office for details. Contact Us.

Question: Can I change my payment schedule?
Answer: Yes. You are allowed to make a change, however you must notify the school 30 days before doing so; for example; from weekly to monthly payment option.

Question: When is my payment due?
Answer: For monthly; payment is due the first of the month. Weekly payment is due the first day of the week the child is enrolled. Hourly payment is paid bi-weekly on the 1st and the 16th of the month. Daily payment is due on the day the child attends class.

Question: How do I enroll my child to Daycare and what paperwork do I need to submit?
Answer: Please fill out the Daycare Registration Form and bring immunization records, birth certificate, and a check for the registration cost. We will provide you with other forms such as; medical emergency release form (due within 2 weeks of attendance), income eligibility form (to determine free or reduced lunch program eligibility), trip permission form, and medical history form once you register your child.

Question: What is an integrated classroom?
Answer: We offer a full day program;
(9:00am -2:30 pm) that has an equal number (up to nine) of special needs children and general education children. Please refer to the Programs/SCIS page for more information.

bird2Question: Is the teacher certified?
Answer: Yes, all our teachers and clinical staff are NY State certified. Please refer to
Our Staff page for more information.

Question: Do you have a food program for the children?
Answer: Breakfast and lunch is provided by the New York City Department of Education. The monthly menu offers a variety of nutritious meals for the children to enjoy. All children are offered free breakfast. Cost of lunch is based on income eligibility; either free, reduced fee or fully paid.

Question: Does my child have to participate in the breakfast/lunch program?
Answer: No. You may send breakfast and/or lunch from home, but you still need to fill out the eligibility form. (You need not disclose your income if you are not planning to participate.)

Question: Do you offer enrichment activities for the children?
Answer: Yes, throughout the school year educational and fun trips are planned for the children; i.e. Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park, Puppet Works, Coney Island Aquarium, the Staten Island Zoo to name a few. We also offer special fun learning activities regularly scheduled throughout the year. Please see Programs/ Curriculum and Activities page for more information.

Question: Is there a bus service available?
Answer: Department of Transportation provides bus service once the Department of Education approves your child to attend our school. The school bus service becomes part of the child’s total program with pick up and drop off.

Question: Do you have Parent/Teacher conferences?
Answer: Yes, 3-4 throughout the school year you will receive a progress report on your child. Also please refer to the School Calendar for conference dates.

Question: What happens when my child leaves the preschool at age 5?
Answer: It depends on the needs of the child. Some of the children will go on to mainstream kindergarten, and for some small class placement is still needed.

Question: How do you prepare the children as they leave the Preschool Program?
Answer: We offer a six week transition program where the children are exposed to a new teacher, new students and new activities to participate. At the end of the six week program, each child will complete a Special Kindergarten book to take home and enjoy with their family.