Why Donate to the Child Study Center of New York?

We receive majority of our funding from the State for tuition, curriculum and staffing purposes. We have several projects we would like to realize to better serve our population and increase our capacity. As we are a not-for-profit entity that serves some low-income families in the neighborhood, we simply have no way of providing for certain projects we would like to implement in order to enrich and enhance our schools other than with special grants and/or fundraising efforts from outside resources.

rainbowCritical factors that make your donations necessary are;

• Our day care program at Staten Island school is full to capacity and carry a waitlist which makes it necessary to expand/renovate the physical space of the school building
• We serve a low income community and an ethnically diverse population
• We serve special needs children and the number of children requiring special education is growing
• We do not have an outdoor playground which is necessary for children’s development
• We do not have any space to hold school functions and assembly
• There are very few preschools in special education field at preschool age; we are therefore filling an essential need for families in the neighborhood.

Your donations to the CSC will help renovate our schools by;

• building more classrooms and office space
• creating a school library
• adding a multi-purpose room to be used as an indoor play room as well as for school functions
• create an outdoor play area
• implement enrichment programs that will be interwoven into the curriculum
• start and administer home/parent involvement programs

Your tax-deductible donations of any size are appreciated. If you have any questions regarding donations, please contact:
Patricia Toney, Executive Assistant at 516-822-1192 PToney@cscofny.org


How to Donate

giveDirectYour donations are tax-deductible; you can donate in two different ways:

Online by credit card. Please click here to donate online. Making a donation through our secure server is fast and easy, and when we receive your donation, we will send you an acknowledgement in the mail for tax purposes.

Please note: We use a nonprofit service to process our credit card transactions. GIVEDIRECT is the name that will appear on your credit card statement - not ours.

Mail – just mail us a check. (Please memo your check “Donation”.)
If you prefer to donate by check, please enclose your check along with the donation form (download and print) made out to the “Child Study Center of New York” and mail to:

The Child Study Center of New York
366 N. Broadway, Suite 408
Jericho, NY 11753